We're being taken away

The gender community always claims that we frighten ourselves unnecessarily, that nothing would be taken away from us and that we are just imagining it all.

But something is being taken away from us by the leveling that has been done again and again. We are denied our sex, we would only be perverted freaks wearing feather boas anyway, we reap the anger of society because they are accused of the uniform mush to eat, from the media and the TG movement itself. Health insurance companies are increasingly trying to reject genital surgery with flimsy reasons. In fact, however, there are also increasing numbers of cases in which it is argued that 80% of cases don't need genital surgery at all, so one could live without it oneself, especially since one would now also get the change in marital status without a genital surgery and be legally recognized (as if it were us would only be about it yell) and the repenters are also becoming more and more numerous.

Only the situation looks different. Original TS want and need GA surgery 100%, TG, on the other hand, do not strive for this, upper body transition is sufficient for them. And the repenters are either guided there by transgender peer pressure or their own psychological problems or by incompetent therapists / experts, because reflection and self-reflection are no longer desired, a therapeutic reflection and questioning by the therapist is immediately rated as punishable discrimination and attempted conversion therapy, or by a combination of the three points. But you have to question and reflect, because there are enough traumatic experiences and psychological problems triggered by them that only fool you into being transsexual. Therapists are less and less interested in helping us with the constant whining about alleged discrimination and conversion therapy. This means that there are fewer and fewer of our first contacts on the way and the waiting times for a therapy place are getting longer. And either they follow the gender ideology by not questioning anything anymore or they end their service to us. In the former case, the risk is then not insignificant that the next generation of penitents will be recruited. The same applies to dealing with the TSG and the interpreted surgical compulsion. The TSG was made for us and only for us and not for Virginia Charles Prince representatives. Original TS have never felt a legal obligation to have an operation, since they themselves wanted and still want the operation under all circumstances. TSG belongs to us and not to you. Of course it needs reform, but according to our needs and not yours. Cuckoo-style you have settled into a made nest instead of building your own nest without us (but that involves unpleasant and exhausting work), instead hijacking our nest and restructuring it according to your completely different needs and background motivations.

It's ok if someone doesn't need genital surgery for themselves, but then to generalize and apply it to everyone is not ok. But that's exactly what happens over and over again.

The social understanding and social acceptance that actually existed was taken away from us (I know enough eyewitness reports from a time when I was still a kid), the social peace towards us was taken away from us. Legal security is being taken away from us more and more, the security of covering costs is being taken away from us, it stands on a very shaky chair, the range of therapy offered by really capable and courageous therapists is declining and transsexuality has been stigmatized and then you wonder why we are angry? You are only concerned with clothes (fetish or non-fetish) and a life in the OTHER role, whether switcher, permanent, part-time woman/part-time man or not, we are concerned with an appropriate life and sexus-correct life in our sexus non-stop in the entire reality of life, in ALL areas and this requires COMPLETE medical intervention. And now someone should tell me that we are all equal and the same. I can't eat that much.