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I'm tired of

I'm tired of this miserable gender hype, this whining of the transgender lobby that everything is equal, that there are no sexes, that the only difference between the sexes is the mode of reproduction, that sex is something that can be chosen, can be taught (this is a blow in the face of the Reimer family and it's the fault of the criminal Dr. John Money - thank God he's no longer alive, so he can't mess up any more children's souls!) that sex is not biological but socially constructed.

I'm tired of the transgender lobby trying to slander, hide, ridicule and muzzle original transsexualism and finally appropriate it.

I'm tired of the transgender lobby always trying to deny us our sex and impose needs on us that we don't have.

I'm tired of the fact that transgender people are spreading like cuckoos in our territory and destroying in a very short time everything that generations before me fought so hard for. The TSG (German Transsexual Law), which has been sued for destruction, is an example of this. Ok, it needs reform, but not according to the needs of the transgender lobby but according to *our* needs. The TSG was made for *us* and not for transgender people!

I'm tired of being constantly confronted with gendergaga by the mainstream media.

I'm tired of the mainstream media trying to put this gendergaga every day into the brains of inexperienced people.

I'm tired of the fact that real original transsexualism is not reported realistically, instead I see Trulla Rubbletranny and Misterlady Man in overdressed female clothes and Olympic-ready drag queens on television.

I'm tired of putting gender above sex. There is only one gendergaga organized again and again and everything thrown into a single pot. Anyone who dares to tell the truth that men and women are fundamentally different, not only physically, but also in thinking, feeling, in language and choice of words, in behavior and in their perception of the environment, will be tarred and feathered by the media.

I am and we are tired of having to be used as a scapegoat, just because there is someone who doesn't manage to be accepted by the environment, because someone lacks self-acceptance. It's not my problem and it's not our problem if a person, born anatomically female, struggles with acceptance problems because he/she wants to keep the breasts and vagina, only took testosterone until the voice could no longer be sorted and finally this one human being can no longer be sorted out by the environment in their entirety, but this human being insists on being a man and being perceived as such.

I'm tired of being mistaken for transgender and being labeled as queer.

I'm tired of having to be told whom I have to be attracted to.

I'm tired of constantly having to encounter prejudice and half-knowledge and even having to be insulted as a "woman" even though I've gone my way to the final male sex consistency, just because certain media are not willing and not able to report rationally, differentiated and realistically. I'M JUST TIRED OF IT!




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