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God, humility and nature

If God, or whatever one may call that invisible force, is the truth, then honest science should be acknowledged and not censored and swept under the carpet. Some days I could only cry when I realize how much our core being is trampled underfoot. How much men and women are spat on and defiled by the transgender ideologues and everything based on the "gender father" Dr. John Money.

Sometimes I ask myself why there is original transsexualism at all, what was "God" thinking? What purpose does it serve? Because being affected by it is anything but fun, it's sheer hell on earth, a disgrace, not to mention the "transition" where you are exposed to discrimination, rejection and bullying, which nobody chooses voluntarily and salvation takes place only through the medical measures. Being affected by NGS is frankly, pardon the expression, the "a...card of life". If you hadn't luck at a very young age, with parents who looked at them with an open mind and then right away the right puberty is initiated according to brain sex, you lack the socialization, especially in the important adolescence, in the applied brain sex, valuable experiences are lost with it, which you can only make up for and compensate for to a certain extent, but not over the entire length.

How much I would have liked to have had male experiences as a teenager, the first girls, the first flirt, see how a guy gets on with the girls, compete with other boys, the first kiss with a girl, being in love etc. pp. Instead I developed optically, thanks to the wrong gonads, in the wrong direction and I had no choice but to go into inner immigration. Youth rushed past me as if in a coma. I blocked out and repressed everything, it wasn't a good time.

This subsequent "socialization learning process" after the end of the transition, which takes place and must take place despite innate behavior on the basis of brain sex, is so intense that it is quite exhausting. It's like learning a language, the later I start it the harder it gets, though not impossible. - And yet we originally transsexually affected (NGS) go this way again and again and endure the negative effects of the "transition" and the difficult resocialization. We're not proud of this diagnosis, not at all, but we're infinitely proud when we've finally overcome this diagnosis. We are proud to be MAN and WOMAN and that is exactly what the gender ideology doesn't fit into the concept, since they want to abolish MAN and WOMAN. We prove the innateness of sex in the sense of sexus and that suits them even less.

And then these gender ideologues come along, show off their lifestyle, their culture of fun, can't even begin to understand the suffering we originally transsexuals have and then brazenly claim that we're all the same and that the surgeries are overrated. I can't eat that much...

Sexuality is the ESSENTIAL integrity of man (I don't mean the active living out of any bed stories), sexuality is "divine", it is the core drive of all life, the core of the human being and that is why genital surgery is so immensely important Significance, because only this creates the final and complete unity with oneself as a human and yes also as a sexual being. Sexual integrity can only develop AFTER genital surgery, not before. The genital surgery itself is honestly a "bloody slaughter" and no one voluntarily allows their most sensitive body parts to be nibbled, it is sheer suffering and desperation that leads one to have such an operation carried out. – You see how different our lives are from those of gender fun culture. With us it is profound and anything but superficial, it goes to the heart of the matter in the truest sense of the word. You don't do that for fun or just on a whim.

Nowadays I enjoy my life every second and I also enjoy my achieved full male physicality with every fiber of my body. I feel the power of nature within me, I have a connection to Mother Earth again and I don't take any of this for granted because I've fought hard for it over the years. I don't regret anything, nothing at all, neither the bad experiences nor all the sacrifices I had to make before, because the path made me happy. In deep humility I bow to Mother Nature, who gave me the strength to get through all this and not give up beforehand (I was close to it, but I chose life).

I have walked my own Way of St. James to myself.




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