Differentiation necessary

A train of thought by Johanna Langner

Two thirds of the user profiles on the internet (in a special forum) that label themselves as "transsexual" are TV/CD or DWT (transvestites, crossdresser, women's lingerie carrier). And that certainly goes on in real life in the media presentation. I welcome it when people play with social gender stereotypes and create space for their personality. But not fitting into a role and wanting to kill yourself because of innate sex characteristics are two completely different problem areas.

Some have gender disphoria and others sexus disphoria. Trans Sexus = the opposite sex. I don't want to "play girl" but, damn it, be as physically a girl as medicine will allow. I'm not fluid, nonbinary, or "the best of both worlds". I am a person with innate masculine characteristics who, even as a child, internally saw myself as a girl. Makeup, wig and "women's clothes" just aren't enough for me. And for most women, that's not enough for a person who wants to visit their sanitary facilities with a penis. Especially if the woman has already had negative sexual experiences with penis owners. This is painful for a pre-surgery trans woman and it feels unfair to be held in "kinship" custody, but I could understand the cis women's side even then.

I don't want to sound like a Terf, and I don't want to take the hardline position that I suffered from in my early years. But it is indeed necessary to finally differentiate precisely, so that transsexual children also get the treatment that they need and that is currently being denied them because of the invoked "trans hype". Refusing puberty blockers is the worst thing you can do to a transsexual child. And that's only because the fight for gender emancipation is carried out under the false flag of sexus.

Papers and clothes are unimportant when the body is convincing, oneself and the opposite, the partner, the society. Papers and clothes are nothing if the body still looks like the biological sex of origin (phenotype).