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What is biological sex?

Wikipedia claims:


Transsexuality is the incomplete identification of a person with the assignment to a social and legal gender made after birth, accompanied by varying degrees of suffering from their sex characteristics.

Wikipedia is also indoctrinated with gender ideology. Originally transsexual people are NOT primarily concerned with social roles and legal gender, this is rather secondary. Primarily it is about the incorrectly pronounced primary and, in the case of incorrect puberty, secondary sexual characteristics. Original transsexuality is a physical problem, not a psychological problem, it is a sex-sex discrepancy. A discrepancy between the genital-gonadal structure on the one hand and the neurological brain structure on the other.

The text from Wikipedia quoted above only describes the phenomena of transgender!!! It is absurd how inflationary the term transsexuality is used and abused.

Transsexuality and biological sex:

What is biological sex? Who or what in the body defines biological sex? Who is the very first authority of this? In fact, there are different levels of biological sex (we are all 100% organic). Chromosomes, hormones, brain, genitalia and the phenotype in general.

What is unchangeable is the brain programming, so far I think we agree, the chromosomes are also unchangeable. Unfortunately, bone structure after the first puberty is set in the wrong stone. And once the voice has broken, it can no longer be reversed, only through a complex surgery.

The hormone level can be changed through hormone treatment from the outside, the genital appearance can be changed with the help of SRS surgery, a general phenotype can be changed to a certain extent with the help of sex-correct hormone treatment (fat redistribution), breast surgery, Adam's apple removal, epilation of the beard, the voice, which is less optical but still decisive for perception, can be trained to a certain extent with speech therapy.
Transsexual men automatically get a broken voice, beard growing and can positively influence the overall silhouette with muscle building. But all of this is purely anatomical and material and has no influence on the sexual brain programming in the hypothalamus (where the sexual ENTITY or the sexual SELF (I AM a man, I AM a woman) is neurologically based). As far as I think we are all in agreement here.

But now the crucial questions: Who is going through the complete transition including the SRS? Who or what leads these people to such significant interventions? What are the requirements?

As the first command instance, which stands above everything, is the brain with its sex programming. The fact is, a cis man, regardless of sexual orientation or sexual preferences (e. g. TV - transvestite), would never want to have his male genitals removed. If he does it on "a whim" he will immediately miss it and become unhappy. Why? Because his brain is programmed male and has an internal male body map. A cis man would never want a woman's body. The same applies in reverse. - The shaped brain also wants to find a male anatomy so that it can form a functioning unit with the body, and psyche and personality can develop in a healthy framework.

But now there is also the phenomenon that although the brain is completely male (cis-male brain), the command instance is male (through genetic command induction for neuron circuitry in the second trimester of pregnancy), but the genitals have developed female (in the 8th week of pregnancy) along with the subsequent cognitive developmental cascade through false puberty (transsexual men). And now we have the mix of suffering, feeling-wrong, feeling unwell, feeling mentally battered, phantom feelings of the non-developing male genitalia (the "genital nerves" don't end abruptly in the throat but run through the whole body) etc. And because the brain has to have a functioning unit with the body, people with this phenomenon go through the complete transition and only these people are consequently called "transsexual", since it is about the genital and phenotypic correction of sex to align the brain. Of course, the same mirror image also applies to transsexual women.
Of course, the role also changes in the course of the transition, but this is of secondary importance for those affected, the primary psychological strain lies in their physicality.

So who or what defines a person's biological sex? That's right, the brain! Transgender women are biologically female (brain wise) and therefore ARE women (female sexual ENTITY) and transgender men are biologically male (brain wise) and therefore ARE men (male sexual ENTITY).

Due to the dual sex nature of transsexuals, brain vs. genital/gonads, transsexuality is a special form of intersexuality, which Prof. Dr. Milton Diamond has also recognized.

Male TVs who wear women's clothing but are otherwise comfortable with their masculine physicality are cis men with a preference for women's clothing. Male TGs, like Virginia Charles Prince, who want to live permanently in the role of the woman in their all day live and want to achieve optical passing as far as possible, but are otherwise at peace with their masculine physicality, are cis men in the role of the woman. The same applies in reverse to female TV, CD, drag kings and female TG.

Conclusion: I can't make a "brain woman" out of a "brain man", but I can feminize the body of the "brain woman" with the help of medicine as much as possible, to such an extent that the "brain woman" feels like a full-fledged woman for herself and is also perceived as such from the outside and is therefore able to socialize in a healthy environment and to establish oneself socially and professionally. The previously existing inappropriate feeling of dual sex is over at the end of transition and with that the transsexuality is also overcome.

Is sex assigned by birth? Since 99.9% of the brain and genitals match in their expression, the midwife now assumes that penis = boy and vagina = girl. They do not ascribe sex, they only name it.

Sorry that it was so long, but the topic is so complex that it cannot be explained in a few sentences.

Otherwise, everyone should be happy in their own way and everyone is valuable and should live in dignity, but terms MUST be used in their actual and true meaning and may NOT be used or abused in an inflationary way, as the unspeakable gender ideology tends to do. - Interesting in this context, on the one hand the term "transsexuality" is downright demonized by the gender community, on the other hand they use the term themselves if they hope to gain advantages from it. So here the suffering of originally transsexual people is being played with and that has to stop! It's a slap in the face every time. Transgenders cannot even begin to understand the suffering of transsexual people!

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