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Genital sex differentiation and "phantom feelings"

I'll go even deeper: the subject of embryology and gender differentiation of the genitals as well as "phantom feelings".

There are wolffian (male) and muellerian (female) ducts. Initially created in pairs, the whole thing differentiates from the 8th week of pregnancy. So far so good, only with NGS is the "wrong" gear system dismantled. In the case of an NGS man, the Wolffian ducts wither. But why do people with NGS have these "phantom feelings"? Quite simply, because the contrasting body map is laid out in the cerebral cortex and therefore the corresponding "sexual nerves" run through the whole body. Especially people with amputations are the best example: No "phantom feeling" without a previously applied nerve, the nerve highway still exists above the wound and reports all the time that the heel is itching even though the foot is off. On the other hand, the "wrong" duct systems are broken down in NGS, but the neural supply of the tissue is preserved. This together with the storage in the cerebral cortex causes "phantom feelings".

Another interesting aspect, after the dismantling of the respective ducts, derivatives remain, rudimentary residues that are innervated. E.g. the torsion of an appendix testis (would have developed into the fimbrium / collecting funnel of the egg in a woman) is incredibly painful. Or Gartner's canal in women, which would have developed into the spermatic duct in the male counterpart, and Gartner's canal is also innervated. The epophoroon or paraphoroon would be the man's epididymis and the prostatic utriculus would be the upper third of a woman's vagina.

Again in the overview:

- Appendix testis = fimbrium
- Utriculus prostaticus = upper vaginal third

- Epophoroon / Paraphoroon = epididymis
- Gartner's canal = vas deferens

Incidentally, the man's prostate is located exactly where the upper half of the vagina develops in a woman. If you now look at the prostatic utriculus and connect it with passive gay men who have a female left-right link in the hypothalamus in terms of sexual orientation (see Dick Swaab's book on page 95), it is no longer surprising why passive gay men like certain sexual practices without being women, that is very important to name. Because in gay men the connection to the personal core sex identity is missing, which is why gay men are not women, despite certain preferences and they also do not feel any "phantom feelings" of a vagina because their body map in the cerebral cortex is clearly male.

In the case of an NGS woman, however, this link exists. Therefore, she also feels a vagina where technically is none (before surgery). The same in green for NGS men.

However, I have never heard of transgender people about the existence of such "phantom feelings".

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