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Transsexuality - NGS

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Gender ideology vs. NGS

First of all, the book by Dick Swaab "We are our brains" should be referred to.

Unfortunately, the gender ideology is also bearing fruit with doctors and psychotherapists. First of all, we have to differentiate between originally transsexual people (NGS - Neurogenital Syndrome) on the one hand and transgender people on the other.

NGS means nothing else than that, due to a genetic basis, the sex-neural connection in the brain in the so-called Stria Terminalis in the hypothalamus, more precisely the BSTc (determining the sexual self-perception "I AM a man", "I AM a woman") and, as a result, the neuronal storage of the body map in the cerebral cortex (homunculus - "phantom sensation" of the externally non-existent primary and secondary sexual characteristics) contrary to the gonadal-genital aspect. NGS is innate, but is overcome by the transition and then those affected live a completely normal, inconspicuous life as a man or woman. Provided that the general state of health permits a genital reassignement surgery, this is always aimed for and also achieved so that the former victims are no longer noticeable after the operation even in nude contexts (sauna, swimming pool, nudist) and, with a little luck, can also live their right-sexed sexuality (men are giving and women are receiving). There is no third gender for NGS sufferers, they perceive themselves as a clear man or a clear woman and therefore place themselves in the green circle. With a bit of luck, they can no longer be distinguished from a cis-woman or a cis-man (cis = if everything went right from birth). The goal of an NGS sufferer is to overcome the diagnosis and get as close as possible to the Cis model. Just be inconspicuous and dive down when the transition is through. You leave others alone and want to be left alone yourself. Missionary behavior is alien to them.

Transgender, on the other hand, is a social construct and includes the problem and discrepancy to the social gender role. Because nothing else is what the English word "gender" means.

Social gender role = gender
Physical sex = sex (as it is written in English in the passport)

In order to be able to live out the other gender role halfway without reprisals, many transgender people undergo a partial transition. They take hormones and have the upper body surgically altered. "Down there" there is no intervention. And this is exactly where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Transgenderism has nothing to do with transsexuality (NGS).

The setting is also different. After the transition, those affected by NGS hide inconspicuously and no longer come out if it doesn't necessarily have to be. Transgender people, on the other hand, do not overcome their "being trans", they remain trapped in eternal trans-being and are proud to stand out, they want to stand out and live "out-and-proud".

Why NGS as an add-on? Quite simply, because of the appropriation of transsexual victims by the transgender lobby and their gender ideology. Most of all, the transgender lobby hates NGS sufferers because they don't fit into their concept of "sex is instilled" (justified by John Money with the failed experiment on the Reimer twins). NGS sufferers are slandered, hidden, ridiculed and silenced. Conceptual fog bombs are thrown, the term "transsexuality" is badly talked about and ultimately everything is lumped together under the label "transgender". But when it comes to their own advantages of the transgender movement, then transgender suddenly describe themselves as transsexual, when they otherwise demonize this term. And because of this inflationary use of the term "transsexuality", originally transsexual people use the addition NGS to distance themselves from the transgender problem.

Those affected by NGS reject gender ideology to the utmost.

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