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The case of David Reimer

David Reimer: 1965 - 2004

David was one of two identical twins. As an infant, he should be circumcised. Due to the surgeons' incompetence in handling the new laser device, David's penis was burned. Then Dr. John Money was consulted, who advised urgently to feminize his genitals and to raise David as a girl from now on. He saw this as an opportunity to be able to prove his theory about the educability of the sex. Countless visits to Dr. John Money in which he often behaved psychologically abusive towards the Reimer twins, even asking them to undress in front of him and compare their genitals, which only traumatized the two children even more. David, formerly "Brenda", had to swallow estrogen tablets that he didn't want at all. It was suggested to him that the pills were important for his health, but no further details were given about the pills. David didn't know he was swallowing estrogens.

Meanwhile, Dr. John Money made his case “Nurture over Nature” a success and extolled it everywhere. It became the basis of standard care for intersex people, micropenis and accidental penile amputation during childhood.

At the age of 14 "Brenda" began to live as a boy (David) and went more and more into resistance against Dr. John Money, who in turn put more and more pressure on David. David quickly learned the whole truth and the tragic story behind his being. In a tearful moment, his father told him everything and what was offered to him as a child and why.

David: "Suddenly it clicked. For the first time things made sense and I understood who and what I was."

And the original documentary from BBC, broadcasted first in 2005:

- John Money told the medical community that Brenda was a happy girl / woman and claimed to have lost sight of her.

- Milton Diamond went to great lengths to locate "Brenda", who now lived as David. In the course of his efforts, he was even attacked by Dr. John Money.

- When David found out that his case was famous in medicine and that thousands of intersex babies had suffered, he cooperated with Milton Diamond and went public.

Despite the successful "retransition", David suffered all his life from the events of the past, so much that his future wife also divorced him because she could no longer bear the suffering. This gave David "the last bit". He wandered into the field with his shotgun and commited suicide.

Money's views are now discredited and behaviorism has revealed itself to be disastrous and inadequate.

Biology is stronger than any education. Unfortunately, transgender activists are still riding around on this thesis (gender mainstream), but they do not shy away from ridiculing original transsexual people, hiding them, denying them and appropriating them. The transgender ideology is a slap in the face of all originally transsexual people (NGS).




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