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Prof. Dr. Milton Diamond vs. Dr. John Money

- Prenatal genetic and hormonal influences lead to a male or female sexual identity from birth

- Inherent sexuality provides a built-in predestination by which the individual interacts with the environment; Sexual behavior and thus gender role are not neutral at birth and also not without initial orientation

- Sexual behavior and self-image as a man or woman have no instinctive basis

- Individuals are psychosexually neutral at birth

- Healthy psychosexual development depends on the appearance of the genitals

- Sex is educable

 * Transgender support this theory


Here is a small excerpt from my powerpoint presentation "The Neurogenital Syndrome and the Development of "Phantom Feelings"". Here you can see at first glance who is responsible for initiating the gender ideology and who is responsible for the great suffering of the Reimer twins and countless intersex children and babies. Unfortunately, even today there are "experts" who are practicing this gender theory and thus behaviorism, although behaviorism itself has shown to be disastrous and inadequate. The esteemed Vera F. Birkenbihl, who was a staunch behaviorist for a very long time, had also admit this. After a failed experiment with laboratory animals, she distanced herself from behaviorism. She explains this nicely in her talk on Men und Women (German language).

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