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Transsexualität - NGS

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(Original) Transsexuality - Transsexualism
Transsexual people know that they are not the sexus their birth genitalia indicate. Their brain has developed completely contrary to innate phenotype and therefore they strive for a physical and genital life that corresponds to the neurologically programmed conditions in the brain. In order to be able to realize this, lifelong hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgeries are used. The aim is to be able to live an unobtrusive, normal, socially and professionally integrated life. Once sexus consistency has been achieved at all levels, there is no longer any need for any outings. This says nothing about the choice of partner. Original transsexuality is a special form of intersexuality.

Neurogenital syndrome (NGS)
An additional term that is often used by originally transsexual people to differentiate themselves from the inflationary use of the term "transsexuality", which is made by the transgender community but also by the MSM (mainstream media). NGS sufferers simply do not want to be confused and/or lumped together with other phenomena.

The presence of anatomical and/or gonadal and/or genital aspects of either sex or neither. The origin can be chromosomal, i.e. genetic or hormonal. In contrast to original transsexuality (NGS), intersexuality is easier to diagnose. This says nothing about the imprinting of the brain, so an intersexual person whose gonads and/or genitals are ambiguous can have a clear imprinting of the brain and therefore also perceive themselves as a clear sexus (man or woman).

Transgender - Transidentity
Transgender struggle mainly with the social gender role (gender) that is imposed on them by society and cultural conventions. They do not have physical sufferings as originally transsexual people (NGS) have. Also experts like to confuse transgenderism with transsexuality again and again.
Transidentical persons struggle with their identity as male or female. This problem is purely psychological, and they also have no physical suffering as originally transsexual people (NGS) have. Also here the phenomenon is often confused with transsexuality.

Transvestism (Cross Dressing)
Wearing clothing of the opposite sex to accentuate life in the opposite role in individually determined situations. This happens temporarily. The sexual self conforms to the gonadal and genital realities.

Fetishistic Transvestism
Wearing opposite-sex clothing for sexual stimulation. Here, too, the sexual self conforms to the gonadal and genital realities.

People who imitate the opposite sex on stage, usually in an exaggerated form, for show purposes. Well-known artists were "Mary and Gordy".


LadiesUnderwearDresser - Men who wear ladies undergarment for sexual arousal.

People who feel "neither-nor" or "both-and".

Generic term for all those who do not want to be sorted into the heterosexual binary world. Unfortunately, attempts are repeatedly made to include originally transsexual people (NGS) in this term.




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