Healthy sex life and its effects

Here I would like to go into some things that I would never have believed at the time, but which I have experienced myself through my now very healthy sex life. At first I could hardly believe what my activated sex life had achieved in everyday life, I was so surprised by this effect.

In the beginning sex was just "in-out" for me, a little urge, a little arousal, a little horniness, a little orgasm and pressure relief. But I would never have believed and never expected that it would be so much more. All these experiences are only possible if you have an experienced woman by your side (if you are straight) who has no fear of contact, on the contrary, but is even characterized by respectful curiosity and treats you as a completely normal man, also "down there", but otherwise has no fixed expectations, thus dealing with the special genital conditions with an open mind. And it doesn't even matter whether there is a Cis woman or an NGS woman at the side.

The very first change and immediate effect I experienced was unbridled pride and growing self-confidence. At work I had a constant grin. laughing It even went so far that my work went even better than usual. I was really surprised. And I was in a good mood. Because of my increasing self-confidence and the constant confirmation that I'm a good sexual lover as a man, I also became more courageous in everyday life. I dared myself more often and decided to just say "no" or just to object if something did not suit me. And I began to rest more and more in myself and find my own inner center. In addition, I now represent my opinions and points of view very purposefully and steadfastly.

From a social point of view, I was able to approach strangers better and better and just start a small talk. I was never able to do that before because I was too afraid of strangers. My posture has also changed. If I hunched forward slightly before, today I go through life with a straight back and a proudly swollen chest. And now I also enjoy flirting. It's just fun to check your "market value" from time to time. wink Sex is not just pure lust, no, it's much more than that, it's true personality development. Dealing with other men has become more self-confident and I now feel more comfortable in their presence, as I can finally have a say since my active sex life.

Furthermore, it has strengthened the level of friendship with this woman. The friendship is now based on an unprecedented quality that I would never want to be without. In addition, I now feel attractive and desired, which I then unconsciously radiate to the outside world. That in turn increases the interest of potential women in me. A healthy sex life makes people attractive.

A very direct effect of a healthy sex life is stress reduction, yes good sex reduces stress, it's pure relaxation, relaxation from work, relaxation from everyday madness out there, relaxation from all this artificially fueled hysteria. An oasis of peace, switching off and forgetting. Sex is vacation.

But sex is also an energy exchange and energy balance between the sexual partners and an energy filling station. Good sex is balm for the soul. What else is it? To ground oneself, once again to be in touch with your own primal forces and the primal forces of nature. Sexuality is spiritual, the spiritual connection with the sexual partner should not be underestimated. And sex has a reinforcing effect, it reinforces masculinity in men and femininity in women. He affirms man as man and woman as woman. This is a point that should not be underestimated, especially for those affected by NGS.

Anyone who has had good, high-quality sex once does not want it any other way. As is so often the case in life, good quality is addictive. You want it again and again. wink

Incidentally, through my healthy male sexuality, I have lost all acquired female shame. I stand by the fact that I am a sexual being, there is nothing to be ashamed of. And by mutual agreement, I just take what I need to be stable. But it would also be good for women if they began to live out their sexuality. Unfortunately, there are still far too many cultures where women are oppressed and any quiet, self-confident sexual rebellion in women is immediately nipped in the bud. The men there simply don't want self-confident women and try to keep them down with their acquired shame and dress codes (covering up beyond recognition - just not providing a clue for a flirt). A society functions many times healthier if women also receive the same rights and can participate on an equal footing with men in society.

So dear women, throw your shame overboard and live out your sexuality! What a man is allowed to do, you are also allowed to do that. wink

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