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The anesthesia of Dr. Suporn - rumor mill

Contrary to the assertion of various former Suporn patients that the Suporn technique (Chonburi flap / secondary sensate organ) is not performed here in Germany because of an allegedly special general anesthetic, which is only permitted in Thailand (and there only two anesthesiologists can do it), after some research it turned out that this claim is just a rumor. Thailand also only "cooks with water" and general anesthesia is general anesthesia. It doesn't matter what medication you use to get general anesthesia. It only becomes interesting after the operation, when it becomes important to contain the pain after waking up and regaining consciousness. The conclusions that those suporn patients (who themselves have not had any medical training) have drawn from various incidents in the clinic are wrong. Therefore, there is no reason not to offer the Suporn technique for NGS women here.

Two doctors who don't know each other informed me about general anesthesia. I have this in writing and can prove it at any time.

Furthermore, general anesthesia in Europe is much more sophisticated than in Thailand, because neither I nor a former anesthetist have heard from local patients that they have seen blue outlines around objects or even blue monkeys on photos or other blue things.

The latter is triggered by katemin, a hallucinogenic opiate. It also increases intraocular pressure and cerebral pressure as a side effect. I doubt whether a catamen intoxication and associated blue hallucinations are so beneficial. On the contrary, I see it as very risky to use Katemin after surgery and to treat pain. There are less risky drugs with fewer side effects.

So what could be more obvious than offering the Suporn technique here in Europe in combination with a less risky general anesthetic and subsequent pain control? It would always be logical.




24.09.23: Filme und NGS-Stammtisch

Jetzt bieten wir auch die Möglichkeit, sich gute Filme bei uns zum Thema NGS anschauen zu können. Hier. Viel Spaß beim gucken und Popkorn futtern. wink

Eine Userin war so freundlich und hat für uns via Zoom einen virtuellen NGS-Stammtisch aufgebaut. So können wir locker flockig miteinander plauschen und uns dabei sehen. Die Zugangsdaten gibt es nur für registrierte User denen wir vertrauen können.



21.07.23: Chat

Nachdem ich heute den ganzen Tag gebastelt habe, steht nun unser eigener Chat. Immer hereinspaziert in die gute Stube. Kaffee und Kuchen stehen bereit. Hier entlang.


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