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With the help of the phalloplasty, an organ is to be created that in appearance and function comes as close as possible to a biological male penis. The glansplasty (replica of the glans) as well as the testicle structure and the erectile prosthesis are further possibilities to "perfect" the whole thing.

Surgery method:
Special features: For some surgeons (e.g. Dr. Liedl and Dr. Schaff) the previously constructed metaidoioplasty is a prerequisite for the phalloplasty. For other surgeons (e.g. Dr. Daverio and Dr. Kr├╝ger) it is not.

Methods of skin flap removal:
* Removal of a skin flap from the mostly non-dominant forearm
* Removal of a skin flap from the lower leg, optionally with bone for stiffening
* Removal of a skin flap from the back (only offered in Serbia, Belgrade)
* Construction of the phallus structure from 2 inguinal flaps including a straight abdominal muscle
* Roll skin flap (case handle) which is gradually transplanted from the place of origin (thigh or lower abdomen) towards the pubic bone

However, the last two methods are already out of date and are only carried out in exceptional cases or at the express request of the NGS sufferer. We also dare to doubt whether the method from the back is so good. We would like to limit ourselves to the most common method, removal from the forearm.

While the genital area is being prepared for the transplant, nerves and blood vessels are shown, another surgeon takes care of the work on the forearm. This prepares the flap in such a way that a large, narrow strip (the future elongated urethra) and a small, wide flap (the future penis body) are created. In addition, blood vessels and a cutaneous nerve are taken along. A certain "rolling technique" is used to shape the flap in such a way that a tube is created within a tube. So-called "tube-in-tube" technology. The inner tube serves as the urethra, while the outer tube represents the actual phallus body. A thin catheter tube serves as a placeholder and shaping device for the urethra. To eliminate the lifting defect on the arm, a full-thickness skin graft is usually removed from the groin on the thigh in order to cover and close the wound again.

As soon as everything has been prepared, the phallus is connected to an anatomically male location. The previously skinned clit is integrated into the phallus base, the cutaneous nerve of the arm flap is connected to an inguinal nerve and, depending on the surgeon, also to a well-developed fiber of the clit nerve. With a little luck, nerve endings can even sprout into the phallus through the skinned clit. If everything works without complications, the NGS sufferer is then able to urinate standing up and develop sensitivity in the phallus. The integrated metaidoioplasty can be sexually stimulated by pulling or pushing the phallus. Since the metaidoioplasty or the clitoris itself is not touched, apart from the skinning, the physical ability to orgasm is usually retained. Needless to say, the orgasm is largely a matter of the mind. If the brain doesn't play along, then nothing happens.

In a second session, the glans will be constructed. The skin is incised on the phallus and "rolled up" inwards and upwards. The resulting wound is covered with a skin graft. The silicone testicles are implanted in the labia majora.

In the third and final session, the erectile prosthesis is implanted. The stiffening rods are located in the phallus and accompany the urethra to the right and left over almost the entire length. The rods must not be too long, otherwise there is a risk of piercing the tip of the phallus or they protrude too much into the buttock, which can cause great pain. The fluid reservoir is placed in the abdomen and the actual pump is inserted into the empty part of the future scrotum.

Goals of the phallus construction:
* The ability to urinate while standing
* The possibility of being able to live sexuality in the male form
* To have a largely authentic appearance
* To have something of your own in your pants without having to resort to stuffer or soft packers
* Feeling complete as a man

Duration of hospital stay and sick leave:
The stay in hospital is 3 weeks for the actual phalloplasty. Depending on the occupation and personal "healing meat", the sick leave can vary between 6 weeks and 3 months.

During the testicular construction and the implantation of the erectile prosthesis, the stay in hospital is a maximum of 2 weeks, the sick leave afterwards can vary up to 2 months.

Since the surgical techniques can best be explained through pictures and films, we link them. Attention, from now on it will be bloody!



Dr. Sava Perovic's "back method" for the construction of a phallus (Belgrade - Serbia):

Medical progress based on a comparison:
Daverio-Method 1989

Daverio-Method 1997

The procedure recorded in pictures:



The final result (with glansplasty, in the second picture the glans has already been tattooed):

A final result without glansplasty:

More post-op results:

Fig.: Without testicle structure

Fig.: With testicle structure

In order not to make an unwanted outing, no pictures of arm scars are put online here. These can be viewed in our forum if you are seriously interested.

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