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With the surgical technic of metaidoioplasty, the clitoris, which has been enlarged by hormones, is surgically "virilized". The clitoris is released from its straps so that it can "swing freely" and be mobilized upwards towards the pubic mound, to the point where the penis root is located in the man. The vagina is removed and sealed. With the help of the labia minora, the urethra is extended to the tip of the clitoris. With a little practice, urinating while standing is already possible with this surgical method. Optionally, silicone testicle prostheses can also be inserted into the labia majora.

In the following a few pictures of well-made metaidoioplasties:

Dr. Brassard - Canada

Dr. Liedl - Munich (Germany) Dr. Reed - USA Centurion-Method - USA

 The growth of the clitoris under the influence of testosterone in pictures >>klick<<


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