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Transsexuality - NGS

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On our own behalf

Dear readers,

"Neurogenital Syndrome" (NGS). This name describes what transsexuality really is and where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Namely the anatomical discrepancy between the neural structure in the brain on the one hand, more precisely in the hypothalamus and there in the BSTc (Stria Terminalis) - in which the perceived being arises, I AM a man, I AM a woman - in connection with the neuronally stored body map in the cerebral cortex (homunculus) in which the body perception (and thus "phantom feelings" of the body and genitals) arises and the innate primary and later secondary sexual characteristics (through false puberty) on the other hand. Long sentence, unfortunately not to be explained in a shorter way and this has already been reduced to the essentials. I have presented the sources for this knowledge >>here<<.

Originally transsexual people (NGS) or NGS sufferers are men or women and do not consider themselves to be the "third gender". You clearly feel that you are a woman or a man. In the best case, a unique phenotype (optics) is achieved so that outings are no longer necessary, since complete clarity has been achieved.

It is a typical characteristic of NGS sufferers to overcome transsexuality after completing the transition, to leave it behind and just want to live an inconspicuously normal life as a man or woman in harmony with their inherent nature. Professionally integrated, with oneself in a pure and with good choice of surgeon as well as uncomplicated healing process even to be able to live their right-sex correct sexuality (men give and women receive).

In future articles I will only speak of NGS sufferers or add the abbreviation "NGS" after the word "Transsexuality" -> Transsexuality (NGS). This is due to the fact that the transgender lobby and gender ideology use the word "transsexuality" in an inflationary way and that they do everything to impose the transgender needs on original transsexual people (NGS) that do not apply to them. We oppose this appropriation, rendering invisible (through conceptual dilution and scattering of fog bombs), exposing ourselves to ridicule. We do not allow them to label us as "transgender", we try to recapture the term "transsexuality" with the help of the addition "NGS". Reason: sex = physical sex (is even found in every passport*), gender = social gender role (is NOT in the passport). And that would also clarify the background motivation for the transition.

*As proof, the photocopy of my passport! I have made personal data unrecognizable.

It doesn't say "gender"/"genre" anywhere!

It is also significant that the transgender lobby with its gender ideology on the one hand massively demonizes the term "transsexuality", on the other hand it then uses it for itself as soon as it comes to (medical) benefits and the experts join in (diagnostic abuse). And this is exactly where we start. Only originally transsexual people suffer from NGS, transgender people are not affected because they do not want to have genital reassignement surgery performed on a regular basis. -> A diagnosis separation is therefore all the more important in order to be able to take into account the different phenomena both legally and medically and to get experts out of their trouble, since transgender people like to swing the "discrimination club" and thus threaten to report the appropriate specialist for discrimination. Such a report has an extremely damaging effect on the reputation of the respective specialist, which in turn has the consequence that fewer and fewer specialists are willing to treat transsexual people (NGS) or they follow gender ideology. You can turn it around as you want, the advancement of gender ideology is absolutely harmful for originally transsexual people (NGS).

NGS sufferers are against this "uniformity" from which intersex people also suffer. Even the ICD 11, which will be valid in 2022, with its new sorting does not make it any better. Section 17 now speaks of sex dysphoria instead of gender dysphoria, but everything is packed together under this one point. Needs of phenomenal situations are mixed up that have nothing to do with each other.

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