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Since I am submerged and unouted in real life after completion of my transition and live stealth and want to protect both my private life and my professional life (I guard my achieved male normality with eagle eyes), I will not give any further information about myself in the context of personal rights. However, since I still have to be available in an emergency, there is only one email address of me that does not reveal my closer identity (the stigma surrounding people with NGS is still far too great), but under which you can reach me. If you really want to know who is behind this page, you have to ask "Denic".

Mail: selfmademan (at) transsexualitaet-ngs (dot) de

Name: deposited at Denic
Street: deposited at Denic
Zip code, city: deposited at Denic

So if you have a legitimate interest, you should contact me by email or ask Denic. Thanks.

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21.07.23: Chat

Nachdem ich heute den ganzen Tag gebastelt habe, steht nun unser eigener Chat. Immer hereinspaziert in die gute Stube. Kaffee und Kuchen stehen bereit. Hier entlang.


18.07.23: Zertifikat

Seit heute den 18.07.23 ist unsere Webseite mit einem SSL-Zertifikat versehen. Das berühmte "Schloß" ist nun nicht mehr durchgestrichen.


12.07.23: Digitaler Chronist

Neuer Inhalt zum Thema Genderideologie online! Sehr schönes Video!

Neue Grafiken... / New graphics...

...sind nun online. Zu sehen hier und hier.

...are online now. See here and here.


Neue Inhalte
New contents

Jetzt gibt es neue Inhalte zum Thema "Rückkehrer".


There are now new contents about detransitioning.

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