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Transsexuality - NGS

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In order to understand one's own history of social development with regard to dealing with NGS sufferers, it is appropriate to deal with the history of the topic. There was also a time before the TSG (Transsexuellengesetz - Transsexuals law) and before the statutory reimbursement of costs by the health insurance companies. Where every little detail, no matter how small, which is a matter of course for those affected today, had to be fought for with great effort and a show of strength. Anyone who knows the story also understands the anger of those affected by NGS towards the gender lobby and their drive to tip the TSG beyond recognition and almost useless. The TSG was originally created for originally transsexual people (NGS) who have never felt this interpreted compulsion to have surgery as such, because they already wanted to have their sex reassignment surgeries of their own accord. Only through the gender lobby the TSG was scribbled around. Instead of standing up for their own rights and fighting for them (in this case I would have been in solidarity and would have helped with their own building nests), they have spreaded out in the TSG in cuckoo-style and then changed the whole TSG according to their own gender needs. The NGS sufferers have struggled to build their own sandcastle and now the gender people come and (still) break the sandcastle in many parts and take possession of it instead of just building their own sandcastle. But that is connected with work and exertion, which the gender lobby shuns to this day.




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