Also this topic is a side of reality, albeit an ugly one. Since I want to shed light on all aspects of the "medal" with this website, this topic is one of them. An important note in advance: Returnees were never transsexual (NGS), headlines like "And again a transsexual who regrets his surgery" are inherently wrong. Returnees are cis people who, due to psychological problems, have gotten lost in something and have gotten into something and have been pushed either themselves or by the transgender community. An example of many would be e. g. sexual abuse, where the female victims persuades that if they had the body of the opposite sex (male) (I consciously use the term "other sex" as opposed to "own sex" in the case of NGS), they would no longer be a victim and it would get rid of the body that had done all this to it. (Of course it is not the body to blame but the perpetrator.) I don't want to lump automatically all victims of abuse together, but only to express that this trauma CAN but mustn't have to evoke an imagined transsexuality. There are also many other psychological problems that make you believe you are transsexual. That is why psychological support is also so important. And we also find this type of support important, because there are always hurdles on the way that you can hardly overcome alone. On the next few pages I would like to let returnees have their say.

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