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We are happy to offer our website also in english language. It could be that our english is not the best as our english lessons in school are very long time ago. We have used also the help from Google-translator. Please feel free to visit us. smile

This page would like to bring together those affected people who clearly identify themselves as men or woman. Those who just as clearly carry out their transition, distance themselves from gender ideology and the gender mainstream, who cannot do anything with all the stuff of LGBTIQ * and who wants to live after the transition just a normal, inconspicuous life as a man or woman.  Socially and professionally integrated and established.


Who we are and who we aren't?

(All depicted persons are publicly outed and the pictures can be found openly on the net!)

We are men resp. women, not transgender, transident, trans *, non-binary, gender-fluid, shemales, hefemales and whatever they are called, just plain men or women.


What do we want?

First and foremost we want to have a diagnostic separation of gender issues, the correct use of the nomenclature and a re-sorting of the ICD. The ICD10 wasn't terrific, the ICD11 is even worse, since diagnostically everything is lumped together there. Things that don't belong together are thrown together. Sex issues have nothing to do with gender issues. We also want to increase our well-founded medical database in our forum, publish medical knowledge and developments, compare surgical techniques, even internationally if necessary (a clear phenotype is also very important "down there"), so that those affected are able to make a well-informed surgical decision. Furthermore, explain the NGS in a medically understandable and derivable way for every layperson.

Specialists are also very welcome if they want to make a contribution to improving treatment or if they have ideas that they would like to discuss with us. Because unfortunately decisions are still made far too often behind our backs and "improvements" come from the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtransgender counseling while our needs are greatly to be swept under the carpet. That has to stop.

We didn't go the path to clarity in order to continue to come out permanently (which is exclusively a need of the transgender community), but to finally be able to live an inconspicuous normal life, as it is inherent in us from birth.

Normal, inconspicuous, socially and professionally integrated.


At this point we refer to the transgender activist Virginia Charles Prince, who invented the term transgender in order to distance herself as a transgender from the originally transsexual people (NGS). We follow their call and also name and implement their separation of concerns.

What might be interesting to know: We are the only legitimate successors of: Trans-Eltern

With original admin.

Until then, your Selfmademan


PS: There are pictures with "nudity" on the page, these are for medical information only. When you navigate to these pages, you are confirming that you are mature enough and old enough to deal with this content without any problems.

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