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Transsexualität - NGS

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Transsexuality is not a sexual identity disorder!

Again and again one reads on the net that transsexuality (NGS) is described as a (sexual) identity disorder. Let me use a few sentences to sketch and prove that this is not the case.

Anyone who deals more closely with the topic of "Neurogenital Syndrome" will notice that the explanation takes place on a purely physical level and not on a psychological level. It has been scientifically and sufficiently proven for a long time that the personal core sexual identity (!!!) is innate and, once created, can no longer change. Upbringing can also do nothing, as many "late-calling" originally transsexuals (NGS), who begin the transition after the wrong puberty, prove every day.

The personal core sexual identity arises through the neurological connection in the hypothalamus and there in the stria terminalis. The BSTc is greater in males than in females and in the case of transsexuality (NGS), NGS females have a female BSTc and NGS males have a male BSTc. Already on November 2nd, 1995 these findings were published in the medical journal Nature, Vol 378, pages 68 - 70 by Swaab, Gooren, Hofman and Zhou. Also Dr. Drantz from the USA addressed this in 2010 in a Slideshare publication "Myth and science of sexuality".

Another aspect why transsexuality (NGS) can't be an identity disorder: The personal core sexual identity already develops in the womb. Even as an embryo, the first nerve cells and synapses begin to tentatively connect and by the time of birth the personal core sexual identity has matured and consolidated. Since the child in the womb is not exposed to any external influences, neither social nor environmental, the personal core sexual identity develops free of all external influences and educational measures, it is therefore completely clear, unmanipulated and perfectly healthy. And what is healthy can't be a disorder!

Transsexuality is an internal discrepancy between the sex-neurological structure in the brain (hypothalamus) and the genital-gonadal aspect. But never a (sexual) identity disorder!

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