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The world of synapses


Now I'll go into the matter of neurons (nerve cells) and ask what causes synapses to be connected in this way and not differently. This is where the NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) comes into play, the gene of which happens to be on chromosome number 1 (the largest chromosome in the karyogram). Where it is present, synapses are stabilized, where it is not there is apoptosis, programmed cell death and synapses disappear. The BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) functions in the same way, but is found to a greater extent in the brain. I suspect more and more that the NGF gene is male resp. is structured in a feminine way. And if the gene is structured accordingly, the corresponding protein is also structured differently and thus the task of which synapse connections are maintained and which are broken down changes.

Or the "translator", the so-called "code sun" between the messenger DNA of the cell nucleus and the "construction DNA" of the mitochondrion (these are the actual protein manufacturers) has a damage. The mitochondrion has its own DNA and for that reason it needs a "translator" so that it understands what it is supposed to be tinkering with. The simultaneous interpreter for "Wetten das" (former german betting show).

So there are many factors involved and if even one single factor is slightly changed, there is a mess, then we have the mess and a full-blown NGS (neurogenital syndrome).

The beautiful and exciting thing is, original transsexuality (NGS) can be wonderfully and very excitingly derived medical-anatomically. Transgenderism doesn't do that, as it is, it's just a social construct and lifestyle anyway.

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