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Virginia Charles Prince

For once, taken from Wikipedia.

Virginia Charles Prince (* 23. November 1912 in Los Angeles; † 2. Mai 2009 Ebenda) was an American transgender activist who published the magazine Transvestia from 1960 to 1980 and founded the society „Society for the Second Self for male heterosexual cross-dressers“. He also wrote under the pen name Virginia Bruce.

„Virginia Prince […] prägte den Transgender-Begriff in den 1970er-Jahren in den USA. Sie lebte als Frau, ohne ihren ‚männlichen‘ Körper operativ verändern zu lassen, und fand ihre Lebensweise weder mit dem Begriff ‚Transvestit‘ noch mit dem der ‚präoperativen Transsexuellen‘ repräsentiert. Mit der Selbstbezeichnung ‚Transgenderist‘ grenzte sie sich von der Pathologisierung durch den medizinisch-psychiatrischen Diskurs ab: ‘We ain’t broken – so stop trying to fix us!’“

"Virginia Prince [...] coined the transgender term in the USA in the 1970s. She lived as a woman without having her 'male' body altered surgically, and found her way of life not represented by the term 'transvestite' or that of 'preoperative transsexuals'. With the self-designation 'transgenderist' she distinguished herself from the pathologization through the medical-psychiatric discourse: 'We ain't broken - so stop trying to fix us!' "

Source: Jannik Franzen, Arn Sauer: Factsheet: Benachteiligung von Trans*Personen, insbesondere im Arbeitsleben. Editor on behalf of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, Berlin, 14. Dezember 2018, page 8 with footnote 13 to Prince 1997, page 469. (Full text online (PDF)); retrieved on 30. April 2019.)

So and now my very legitimate question to the transgender activists:

Why was Virginia Prince allowed to distance herself from originally transsexual people and also announce this publicly, while we NGS sufferers immediately reap a "shit storm" if we also name and carry out this separation?

For the above linked PDF, there is a well-commented version from ATME e. V. Here >>click<< (German language)

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