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Since we don't want to reinvent the wheel a second time and medical progress is constantly progressing, we link to the websites and pdf files of the surgeons themselves. You will find more detailed first-hand information from the patients in our forum after registration and activation.

The surgery method of Dr. Suporn - Thailand (With good written and photographic explanation of how the Chonburi flap i.e. the "secondary sensate organ" is created and placed, including a "step-by-step" presentation of the cutting technique. As well as the general application of the labia minora, clitoral hood and clitoral frenulum.)  - Special thanks to Ulrika Schöllner for providing the document. smile

Further explanation of the Suporn-Method (Not quite as detailed and the title "Gender Confirmation Surgery" is very annoying, since it is nothing more than scorn and mockery for us who were originally affected. We don't have a gender problem, we have a body problem! In english language.)

SIGMA-LEAD according to Dr. Kaushik - India

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